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Advisor-emergency-online-shop of extraordinaire! What is an eBook? (Also known as electronic book) called eBook a book in digital form E.g. in the form of a PDF file that can be read on a PC and others. Much like a printed book, an eBook contains a table of contents and page numbers. The advantage of digital storage on a PC or special eBook readers, who increasingly find distribution characteristic of eBooks, however. eBooks have the interested mainly the advantage that they are available within seconds over the Internet. What is an audiobook? Audiobook is a radio play in digital form E.g.

in the form of an MP3 file, which among other things can be listened to on the PC. The advantage of digital storage on a PC, mobile phone or MP3 player are characteristic for audiobooks. MP3’s can be heard with any commercially available MP3 player, or designated car radios and cell phones, always and everywhere. Audiobooks have for the interested parties especially the advantage that it within few seconds on the Internet are available. Who are the authors / copyright? The authors name is shown next to the eBook/audiobook cover. The author or the authors belong to the author group “Abayoo” – to reach over the eBook project website earn money on the Internet with eBooks.

The operator of this website is lawful licensee. How can I download the eBooks/audio books? After the payment process you will be automatically redirected to the download page. Here, you can immediately read the eBook/audiobook / listen to and save it to your PC. You can print the eBook or save on your mobile device to read it on the go. When the normal bank transfer, you will receive an eMail as soon as the payment is made and the download page is unlocked. Why can’t I open the eBook files? You will receive our eBooks in PDF format. If you still do not have the necessary software, to open PDF files, you can download the free Adobe Reader here. Why can’t I do that Do not open audio book files? You will receive our audiobooks in the MP3 format. If you still do not have the necessary software, to open MP3 files, you can download the free WINAMP Media Player here. How often are new eBook/audiobook titles on your site? Currently about once per month. Tip: Subscribe you to our newsletter an and experienced, when new eBooks/audio books to download is available on the website. What payment options are there to purchase eBooks/audio books? PayPal you can pay securely using your credit card, debit card, direct debit, giropay or PayPal account. PayPal is the global online payment service from eBay with over 50 million customers. There is more info & help with this payment system. Here you can pay bank transfer with a normal bank transfer. After payment, you will receive the eBook/audiobook in your customer area to download. Is the payment safe? The payment systems we use are very safe, since they use secure SSL encryption. Hereby, your data remains always safe. Our partners (PayPal ) provides you with several, secure payment options. Millions of Internet customers use this reliable payment method daily. Can I get an invoice? After successful payment you may print out independently your invoice in your customer area

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