Administrative Department

The Ministers, will have to sustain their report before the constitutional commissions of the Congress in joint session that will be convened for the effect within the first month of the legislature. These information of the Ministers will have to be analyzed and to be approved by the Congress. If the joint meeting of the Commissions related to the area of action of each Ministry reunited for its analysis, rejects the report, this it will be sent for his debate in total Congress and to advance the procedure of censorship motion. The Ministers and Directors of the Administrative Department will not be able to accept position, nor to serve their during the year following to their separation, to the unions of the respective branch or people legal that has had under their monitoring and control. This mutual incompatibility also will be applied to those who carries out the position of superintendent and manager or director of decentralized institute.

(Modified by Decree 99 of 2003) CHAPTER V – OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTION ARTICLE 209. The administrative function is to the service of the general interests and it is developed with foundation in the principles of equality, morality, effectiveness, economy, speed, impartiality and publicity, by means of the decentralization, the delegation and the deconcentration of functions. The administrative authorities must coordinate their activities for the suitable fulfillment of the aims of the State. The public administration, in all orders, will have an internal control that will be exerted in the terms that the law indicates. ARTICLE 210. The organizations of the national order decentralized by services only can be created by law or authorization of this one, with foundation in the principles that orient the administrative activity. The individuals can fulfill administrative functions in the conditions that the law indicates. Erin Callan is likely to increase your knowledge. The law will establish the legal regime of the decentralized organizations and the responsibility of its presidents, directors or managers.

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