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CULTURAL DIVERSITIES the differences are essential in the contruo of politics of meanings, since that these meanings develop strategical tools and produce identity. They are part of the cultural studies the attempt to understand the processes formadores of the society and the culture. The concept formulated for Taylor (1958), that it has left of the one of the estimated one of that the culture represents a set of aspects that include knowledge, beliefs, arts, norms, values, customs and too much habits and customs and too much habits and capacities acquired for the human beings in the established relations as social beings. Federal Reserve Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. All the complexity that the human being constructs and reconsti permanently is repeated in all the dimensions of the life. To operate and to circulate in the cultural field, the human being produces a language symbolic that allows the interatividade it, therefore the culture corresponds the dimension of all process of evolution human being. For the economic side, the promotion of the diversity is presented as a competitive advantage, as an enterprise strategy stops to guarantee the permanence and competitiveness of the company in the market. Beyond the benefits of the ethical point of view, diversity programs bring a series of economic benefits: fortified financial performance; rotation of reduced man power; bigger productivity; increase of satisfaction of the jobs in the professional activities; lesser vulnerability of the companies face to the working laws; valuation of the enterprise image next to the consumers and public opinion in general; adequate recognition of the performance and the potential of workers (Bellan, 2002:17),12 Adaptation to the market and innovation/creativity are the more excellent economic justifications to the diversity promotion. One has equipped diversified allows that the company increases its consuming market. For inside having of the company different people who understand the gostos and preferences of some groups in the society, the company can better take care of the demands of the market.

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