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No paper mess: Smartphone application digitized surveys, questionnaires and evaluation procedures eMODAT opened the mobile market and opinion research extensive possibilities. With the data acquisition software from Brainworks company interviewing customers and consumers at events and at the point of sale-conveniently via Smartphone or Tablet PC. The standard package provides all the necessary components, among other classic question pools, for an immediate start. ‘With the basic version we offer a smart and compact solution for mobile research’, eMODAT project manager Marcus Heinrich says. The professionals on the company computers created depending on the target group and area of application form templates via the browser. It’s believed that American Writer sees a great future in this idea. These are automatically synchronized with the mobile devices of the colleagues in the field. The interview responses are digitally recorded and permanently backed up in the system in PDF format.

In connection errors, employees can easily conduct the surveys. The results are stored in the cache and transferred as soon as the Smart phone has reception again. A big plus: the questionnaires must be not longer awkward sort, sent to the headquarters and scanned there. Additional features are necessary only for the analysis and processing of responses. The information, for example via Excel and CSV should be evaluated, the reporting engine is used. The data export module in turn is an essential instrument for the processing of the information. The tool integrate the results into the workflows of other back-end systems. ‘ eMODAT allows you to work in a dynamic way.

The forms can be the occasion according to update at any time. Traditional paper templates do not offer the ‘, Henry white. Also scores the application compatibility, which especially in regard to BYOD strategies (bring your own device) is interesting. ‘Often not salaried, but external conduct the surveys with own smartphones.’ The native app is device-independent and available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry operating systems. Whether Market research companies or healthcare: eMODAT is very versatile. Among other things, a fashion company used the application in polls in his stores. In addition, trade fair organisers swear on the strengths of the application. 2014, a Germany-wide Active Association wishes to implement a national population survey with the help of eMODAT. More information about eMODAT and the Brainworks GmbH are available on the Web at and.

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