Achieve A Makeup For Round Eyes

It is already known that there are multiple secrets when it comes to makeup, which make a huge difference between a good makeup and one that is not appropriate. This is because depending on certain traits of the face, hair or color tone of skin, makeup mode and colors to be used will vary greatly. This time, let’s try some recommendations for aquellasmujeres that have round eyes and you want to know the proper way to disguise them: firstly, it is important to note that the tricks we will offer the following aim to make it appear larger and slanted eyes. Fortunately, you just need to know a few very simple tricks to achieve this beautiful and sensual appearance in la mirada. The idea is to use cosmetics that you daily vouchers for makeup, that strategy is in how you maquillas and not the products that you use. Anyway, while better quality are your cosmetics, better will be your makeup no doubt. To beautify round eyes you must use lash mascara, brush eyeliner, dry eyes and shade to eyelids.

Firstly, it is convenient that eyeliner that you use is in pencil. On the other hand, it seeks to carry out of the eye makeup to give you a more elongated appearance. With respect to the eyelashes, must pass a clean, dry brush when they are freshly painted to prevent the formation of thumbtacks or lumps, not to mention that they will look much more beautiful and natural. Finally, eye shadow must preferably be dark and should be applied from the tabs line up the arc that makes up the bone, from the center of the eye outward, to give a feeling that the eye is more elongated. Original author and source of the article

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