25 Th Anniversary Of The Glass Engraving Atelier Lisa Peters In Stuttgart.

For 25 years, the artist Lisa Peters in Stuttgart engraved. Her expertly crafted designs in glass and metal work by an artist. See also: a well-known painter from Dusseldorf is Lisa Peters from a family of artists, his father Hermann Peters, a well-known landscape painter from the Bavarian Forest, her mother Hedwig Peter Bors, who also painted and her grandfather Leonard BORS. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany and grew up in the Bavarian Forest learned it as a child to draw and paint the school of glass in Zwiesel, where she learned the technical skills for the machining of glass to her artistic skill and completed training with the best notes in the engraving and design in oil, visited 5 years. Some years she devoted to the design and engraving of glass and deepened their professional knowledge in the country and abroad. From Munich, their way of life then led them to Stuttgart, where she is now over two decades at home and the space for their creative ideas is to skillfully combine the painted image with the medium of glass.

The Ability to do so and their attention to detail make noticeable not only in their creative work. With sensitivity and intuition, Lisa Peters could each time to capture the needs of their customers and implement. So, as the person in the course of life converts its inner values also the expression of her artistic work has changed. In the early years, their works were characterised by their love for nature and animals, especially horses. But the expansion of consciousness covers the whole being and their representations show the harmonious exchange of human emotions now mostly. She can be engraved on glass, mirrors, pewter, jewelry and everything to engrave! Portrait engraving of man and animal, company logo, family crest, fonts, detail o. abstract.

Engraving after template, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, houses, horses and is active in the field of design, stationery, ink – & pencil drawings and watercolours. To the a shop opened their 25 year anniversary of the Studio on Easter Saturday in their rooms with spiritual gifts. All visitors are of course invited to watch during the hours between 11 a.m. and 4: 00, past, and to be inspired. Lisa Peters, Stuttgart

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