12 Slice In The Test – Test Winner Is The Large Slice Of Gude

The large slice of Gude are with the bread knife today in many modern households a like used tool. Through the very long blades, which are required to cut a larger loaf of bread, these special knives by the size of the dimensions of the kitchen knife lift out. The second special feature is the serrated used almost in all bread knives. This scalloped edge is a development by Franz Gude, from the same manufacture of Gude. Gude, Solingen is over 100 years of experience in the family and one of the most prestigious manufacturers of kitchen knives in Germany. More than 70 years ago, this serrated edge was a novelty that spread quickly. Without serrated edge you would tear up more the typical bread with its crust when cutting and squeezing, that you could cut clean slices of it. The serrated edge now helps you can equally well cut solid crust and soft Crumb.

The bread knife not only on bread are fixed. Just as effectively cutting also Bread, cake, the great crust roast or the fruit basket the firm pineapple. The ETM test magazine has now published 06/2012 a test bread knives in his booklet. 12 slice of from different manufacturers were examined with extensive testing and at the end there was only a single blade with the grade “Very good” from Gude the “Franz Gude” bread knife, with a blade length of 32 cm and a handle made of olive wood. The quality of the traditional manufacturing with Gude, using a lot of hand work, confirms again once impressively. These knives are forged from one piece of high-quality steel.

The handle is firmly connected with 3 rivets steel and the entire knife is a prime example of traditional craftsmanship. Especially praised the clean cut image and the wide hand guard is from the testers. While Gude manufactures not only slice. There is a wide range of kitchen knives that have a very good reputation especially for professional chefs and ambitious hobby chefs. The tested slice enstammt series Gude alpha offers olive, an assortment of knives for all possible uses in a kitchen. If you still use an electric bread maker or a slicer slice your bread and looking for an iconic, award-winning alternative that uses also no power, then you should consider bread knife also use of Gude. You can purchase the test winner, the large slice of Gude at Messerfreund.de in the online shop. As with all Gude Alpha may also an engraving of initials knives should be applied. Contact: Messerfreund.de INH. Katharina poppy 63546 hammer b, on the cat ditch 7 Tel. 06185-8990408 – fax. 06185-8990409 Messerfreund.de sells high-quality knives and accessories such as cutting boards, knife blocks and knife bags. The articles can be ordered via the Internet or visit the showroom at Hammersbach near Frankfurt and bought.

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